Raporlar Raporlayınız 6153fs (Olay 6153-2021)

Bu rapor şu olaya bağlanmıştır: Olay 6153-2021
İsimcharles T
Deneyim Seviyesi3/5
Notlarat first it was fairly bright burning ball with trails on both sides getting wider as distance from the ball increased - seemed to be going slow but after I heard the boom and calculated that it must have been around 8 - 10 miles high - I reasoned that it must have been traveling at least 1000 MPH - When I first observed it in the north west at about 80 degrees elevation 340 degrees - traveling towards the south east it was bright but not lighting the sky - it appeared as maybe a airplane which was on fire - the fireball and the trails diminished within about 10 - 15 seconds and I only saw a dot of light for a couple of seconds then nothing - as I thought about it wondering if it was a plane or something else much higher - I surmised that if it were traveling fast that I should hear a sonic boom - a few seconds later - i heard the boom - which occurred about 30 to 45 seconds after sighting . I suppose that would be around 8 - 10 miles distance .
AdresJacksonville, FL
Enlem30° 17' 40,17'' N (30,29°)
Boylam 81° 33' 21,2'' W (-81,56°)
Zaman ve Süre
Yerel Tarih & Zaman30/09/2021 22:55 EDT
UT Tarih & Zaman01/10/2021 02:55 UT
Hareket yönüSol aşağıdan sağ yukarıya
Alçalış açısı29°
Hareket ediyor
Yüzünüzün dönük olduğu azimut2,53°
İlk azimut331,62°
İlk yükseklik73°
Son azimut29,67°
Son yükseklik90°
Parlaklık ve renk
Yıldızıl Parlaklık-9
RenkOrange, Yellow
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Notlarabout 30 to 45 seconds after sighting - I was thinking maybe it was going about 1000 MPH and if so - I should hear a sonic boom - a few seconds after thinking that I heard a boom that was moderately loud but not as loud as the shuttle landing I have heard several years ago - I guess it may have been about 8 miles high - it has trailing stream on both sides that blossomed from narrow to wider as the trail lengthened - it seemed to be going slow and I supposed it was space debris rather than a meteor
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