Raporlar Raporlayınız 1135a (Olay 1135-2022)

Bu rapor şu olaya bağlanmıştır: Olay 1135-2022
İsimTimon B
Deneyim Seviyesi3/5
NotlarI am a technician at the University centre in Svalbard and have coincidentially experienced this fireball with my own eyes. I have photos of the observations recorded by a northern lights all sky camera operated in the Kjell Henriksen Observatory. I am currently waiting for my colleagues to potentially get recordings from two other 360 cameras in locations about 100km far away from here and maybe video footage. This form would unfortunately crash when I tried to upload the image. The timestamps of the images confirm that it was visible for more than 10 seconds. (It was caught clearly on two pictures about 10 seconds apart).After trailing very high in the sky, almost above us, the fireball disappeared behind clouds, therefore the very high angle in the sky for the moment it disappeared. We could see the light behind the clouds so it definitely continued.I have observed and reported 2 fireballs before in my life and therefore recorded the location, time and directions carefully right after the observation.Please get in touch with me to receive the pictures and what else I can procure hopefully. I would also be interested in an opinion if this was the reentry of a manmade object or a meteor.Kind regardsTimon Brüggemann
AdresLongyearbyen, Svalbard (SJ)
Enlem78° 13' 15,26'' N (78,22°)
Boylam 15° 39' 33'' E (15,66°)
Zaman ve Süre
Yerel Tarih & Zaman27/01/2022 02:45 CET
UT Tarih & Zaman27/01/2022 01:45 UT
Hareket yönüSağ aşağıdan sol üste
Alçalış açısı345°
Hareket ediyor
Yüzünüzün dönük olduğu azimut288,9°
İlk azimut333,67°
İlk yükseklik20°
Son azimut152,45°
Son yükseklik80°
Parlaklık ve renk
Yıldızıl Parlaklık-13
RenkOrange, Yellow, Light Yellow
Eşzamanlı Ses
Gecikmeli Ses
Sürekli bir ses
Son parlama
NotlarThe object seemed to be already fragmentet when it grew big enough to discern such details. There were few really big and bright chunks at the beginning and many smaller pieces trailing each other in a very long procession. I would estimate between 15 and 20 fragments in total. The entire procession spanned about 80 degrees of the sky when it was flying over us.