Raporlar Raporlayınız 802d (Olay 802-2022)

Bu rapor şu olaya bağlanmıştır: Olay 802-2022
İsimChristopher K
Deneyim Seviyesi4/5
NotlarI had just gotten out of our car under the carport, headed towards our front door. I got 1/3 of the way to the door (maybe 10 yards) when, as I usually do near/after dark, I looked up to see what constellations/planets were up. It was an average dark sky. I could make out the milky way and Cygnus was 1/2 way under the horizon. That was when I spotted the meteor/fireball. It was just left of our roofline and a bit higher moving N/NE to W/SW. At first I thought it was a helicopter with a spot light but the color of the light, size, direction of movement and wispy smoke trail ruled that out quickly. It was larger than any star or planet. Large enough that it was readily recognizable as a disk. I recall yelling to my wife, "Oh, WOW!" but never took my eyes off of it. She had gone around behind our workshop and didn't see it or hear me. The meteor/fireball was not moving excessively fast but due to the size and shape of the display, I judged that it had passed the apex and was moving away from my vantage point. It lasted longer than a blink (I believe I blinked twice before it disappeared). It did not get brighter or less bright in transit. It did not fragment or explode. It just quickly went out leaving a slight smokey trail that evaporated almost as quickly.The smokey trail was not thin or straight. It was rather wavy/wiggly and was much smaller on the right termination, getting larger closer to the meteor/fireball. There was a greenish elongated halo around the meteor/fireball.
Adres, CA
Enlem41° 9' 5,98'' N (41,15°)
Boylam 120° 56' 10,88'' W (-120,94°)
Zaman ve Süre
Yerel Tarih & Zaman31/01/2022 19:00 PST
UT Tarih & Zaman01/02/2022 03:00 UT
Hareket yönüSağ yukarıdan sol aşağıya
Alçalış açısı265°
Hareket ediyor
Yüzünüzün dönük olduğu azimut283,84°
İlk azimut285,84°
İlk yükseklik38°
Son azimut279,16°
Son yükseklik36°
Parlaklık ve renk
Yıldızıl Parlaklık-11
RenkLight Green, White
Eşzamanlı Ses
Gecikmeli Ses
Sürekli bir ses
NotlarSlight greenish elongated halo around the meteor/fireball trailing into light gray wispy smoke trail.
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