Raporlar Raporlayınız 2592a (Olay 2592-2022)

Bu rapor şu olaya bağlanmıştır: Olay 2592-2022
İsimAlexandria G
Deneyim Seviyesi1/5
NotlarStarted out green so thought it was a plane or something, realised it was moving way too fast and then panicked thinking it was coming towards me. It wasn't but going across the sky changing colours a bit like a firework. After a couple of seconds I realised it was either rubbish or satellite falling down and breaking up as it came down or was a meteor or something. Could clearly see it breaking up with bright pulses or orange and it got smaller each time and the tail stopped with each break up then all vanished.
AdresOonoonba, Queensland (AU)
Enlem19° 17' 49,01'' S (-19,3°)
Boylam 146° 49' 6,22'' E (146,82°)
Zaman ve Süre
Yerel Tarih & Zaman28/04/2022 00:38 AEST
UT Tarih & Zaman27/04/2022 14:38 UT
Hareket yönüSol yukarıdan sağ aşağıya
Alçalış açısı101°
Hareket ediyor
Yüzünüzün dönük olduğu azimut68,2°
İlk azimut53,43°
İlk yükseklik22°
Son azimut97,88°
Son yükseklik15°
Parlaklık ve renk
Yıldızıl Parlaklık-18
RenkPurple, Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Green, Light Green, Orange, Yellow, Light Yellow, Red, Brown, White
Eşzamanlı Ses
NotlarA low kind of boom I think and that's why I thought it was a plane at first along with its green light. But it could have been from the road, I'm not sure.
Gecikmeli Ses
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NotlarI think it was glowing, it was very bright, but it looked like as the thing broke up and big bursts of orange and red were yapping the trail stopped and then as the orange flash was over the tail would start again. It had I think 4 breakages, so 4 tails. That didn't last longer than a second.
Son parlama
NotlarIt started green as it came into my line of sight and blue ish colours and travelled a second then burst into orange and the tail stopped. Then as it kept going it went to blue and exploded to orange again then again and again until it went so small it disappeared
NotlarI think that means the flashes of orange. I have described in previous answers I think. Think it gapped 4 times gradually getting closer in time to eachother until it disappeared.