Raporlar Raporlayınız 6165a (Olay 6165-2022)

Bu rapor şu olaya bağlanmıştır: Olay 6165-2022
İsimEric F
Deneyim Seviyesi3/5
NotlarThis fireball was the first I've seen in person. It lasted 2 or 3 seconds and was much more dramatic than a simple meteor. I was in the Bowron Lakes Provincial park, a very dark area (the milky way was clearly visible), watching for satellites and meteors on the shore of Isaac lake, at the group campsite on the southeastern end of the lake (campsite 29). The time is approximate, though it was full dark. Sunset that night was at 8:19pm and everyone else had "called it a night." I was just walking back to my tent, alone, when I took one last look due East towards the lake. I had just put my foam earplugs in, prior to getting in the tent. I saw the fireball starting from almost overhead, in the clear and continuing behind a large pine tree, popping and flashing, until a final burst that appeared to be about 10 degrees above the mountainous horizon. About half of the fireball was observed through the branches of that pine tree. The "pops" /explosions were so bright they shone right through the branches. There were several. I consider myself very lucky to have witnessed the event. And in such a dark sky! Even through the tree, it was so stunning I just stood there in shock. I didn't think to remove my earplugs. The time delay for the sound to reach me would certainly have given me enough time to remove them, if there was something to be heard. If only I'd stayed at the lake a while longer! The only comparable experience in my lifetime was witnessing the long-burning reentry of a Russian booster rocket as it streaked across the sky in 1988, above Ann Arbor Michigan.
AdresQuesnel, British Columbia (CA)
Enlem53° 6' 23,53'' N (53,11°)
Boylam 120° 48' 15,02'' W (-120,8°)
Zaman ve Süre
Yerel Tarih & Zaman23/08/2022 22:30 PDT
UT Tarih & Zaman24/08/2022 05:30 UT
Hareket yönüSol yukarıdan sağ aşağıya
Alçalış açısı179°
Hareket ediyor
Yüzünüzün dönük olduğu azimut270,64°
İlk azimut268,07°
İlk yükseklik72°
Son azimut270,25°
Son yükseklik23°
Parlaklık ve renk
Yıldızıl Parlaklık-16
RenkLight Blue, White
Eşzamanlı Ses
Gecikmeli Ses
Sürekli bir ses
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NotlarThere was a bright terminal "flash" after which the fireball disappeared. I didn't hear anything because I was camping, about to get into my tent, and already had foam earplugs in my ears. Alas!
NotlarThere were multiple "pops" and flashes- at least 3. It was remarkable. Much like videos of the Ottowa Aug 21st on this sight, but on a smaller, briefer scale. I didn't hear anything because I was camping, about to get into my tent, and already had foam earplugs in my ears. Alas!